purplefandomunicorn asked:
Hello I'm sorry to say that I will be unfollowing you I'm unfollowing not because I don't like your blog I love it but it is not helping me I'm done with darkness so I'm trying to avoid it I'm sorry if this seems mean I don't mean it like that I promise So stay strong it does get better I'm living proof of that it will all be good in the end I love you keep going you will get better

Don’t apologize, on the contrary i am glad you unfollow me, because like you say, you are over with the darkness, so it’s so much better ! Thank you, really, and i am so happy for you, enjoy your life! I do it too, because even if this blog are sad, i am sad just for some moment, but i am still happy most of the time ! Indeed i think what helps me in this blog doesn’t help you

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